About Us


Customer Service
100% of the Time.

At Northeast Oilwell Partners, we believe it is our duty to ensure oil and gas companies get the quality customer service they deserve. We strive to stay innovative, progressive, reliable, and truthful. That is why our warranty offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At the end of the day, our customers are our most important asset, so we are happy to work through any concerns or questions.

Locally Sourced
To Save You Time & Money

Since 2018, Northeast Oilwell Partners has been providing quality product support for the oil and natural gas industry. Crucial equipment often takes too long to arrive, delaying projects and halting productivity. We source our products locally so that we can eliminate unnecessary downtime, reduce customer inventory costs, and minimize the freight costs associated with the product. Equipped with a reliable network, we have nearly fifty-thousand products to choose from.