Company News

Number of Available Products have Significantly Increased – September 2022

Through the addition of many new agreements and asset acquisitions, the NEOP warehouse has filled up with a variety of new items available for sale.

Premium Oilfield Technology Products are Now Offered at NEOP – August 2022

We continue to offer Logan Power Swivels and parts but it will now be through Premium. Premium expands our offering by adding Mud Handling Equipment, Mud Valves, and Top Drive parts.

PECO Products Now Offered at NEOP – February 1, 2022

All of your common rig and BOP supplies will now be available at NEOP with its new PECO partnership in place. You can expect to receive the highest level of customer service with our team and staff. Allow us the chance to help you get out of a bind.

This greatly expands our inventory of parts for Type U and T-81 BOPs, Annulars, Slip Rams, Stripping Rubbers, Tong parts, Elevators parts, Dies, and Elevator recertification services.

Please review the on-line PECO Product Catalog by clicking the link here.



NEOP LLC has recently secured new agreements greatly expanding our oilfield supply offerings.

We now offer Safety Gear, Hammer Unions, BOP Annulars, Jet-Lube Pipe Dope, Balon Valves, Slip Dies, Tongs, Elevators, Crown Gauges, Cam Fittings, Hoses, Artificial Lift, Injection Pumps, Kelly Rubbers, Line Piping (PE), Rigid Wrenches, and Paint.

Visit our Products Page to see all that we offer and call us for discounted pricing at (724) 501-2220.


WAREHOUSE IS FILLING UP – February 28, 2021

Northeast Oilwell Partners is filling up our huge warehouse with all sorts of new products for your projects.

Visit our Products Page to see all that we offer and call us for discounted pricing at (724) 501-2220.

If you don’t see what you need, call us, we can find it for you.



NEOP, LLC is excited to announce Shane’s employment and position as Vice President of Sales.

Shane’s details can be found on our About Us page.


NEW BUILDING – December 22, 2020

NEOP is proud to announce that we finally closed on our new property. This new building will be an addition to our Carmichaels shop that will remain open. This will help with our growth and customer needs as we will be bringing more product lines in the New Year!